this is the sunrise in my born-city,,Lansing City in Michigan State in USA....Yes,i was born here,,but when i was 6months old my fams went back to Indonesia...So,,i took this picture when i visited this town and i think the sunrise was so beautiful....wasn't it?

Sabtu, 02 Mei 2009


oh,,i really want to read them!!


That's the third sequel of Eragon...
i really like this novel,but i don't like the movie.
the movie was so bad...

2.The Tales of Beedle the Bard

hm,,i just want to read because that's JK Rowling book's..

(no images was found)
sitta karina's books about one of Hanfiah family..

4.THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer

unluckily, the indonesian edition haven't published yet.
i want to buy the English edition but i don't have enough money

yeah,,now,i'm saving my money to buy those book. Total money i need is 200000(exclude the host),i know i can get some of them freely in ebook,but i don't like read novel in my pc.. it's not comfortable..

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Anonim mengatakan...

dari dulu pengen baca eragon ampe sekuel terakhirnya... tapi ga sempet mulu...huh..

icha mengatakan...

pinjem orang yg punya aja rin,,gw juga pinjem2 tuh,,hehe