this is the sunrise in my born-city,,Lansing City in Michigan State in USA....Yes,i was born here,,but when i was 6months old my fams went back to Indonesia...So,,i took this picture when i visited this town and i think the sunrise was so beautiful....wasn't it?

Selasa, 03 November 2009

today is my birthday

quick update

Today is my birthday and i got some surprises from my kostmates and classmates.
And that really make me happy after seeing my "midtest physics scores" mood disaster today..

first,they threw me down to Intel(Indonesia Tenggelam) Pool which is in the center of campus and was very dirty (umm,, that made my mood decreased so much) but they made small surprise birthday party in the night when i was in bad mood and gave me special gift from jakarta. But,after all,,i am happy :)

love you friends ,,really love you (heart)

thanks grace,emil,anggita,rea,viony,gina,denisa,ache,jimmy,kinon,ridho,and other classmates and especially cieto :)

and for my SHS friend in jakarta sissy,beta,fienda,lana,dita,vrina,erwin,cindy,karin,dheeva,avy,imam,imee,Solo ada fadityo,,Rusia ada hans dan rutta who gave me their photos with birthday expression..
muah muah

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